Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Today's homework requires everyone to round answers to the nearest hundredth. Before the lesson we had a quick practice to make sure everyone remembered how to correctly round numbers.

I reminded everyone of the rules for rounding.

*Underline the place value you need to round to
*Look to the right of that place value
*If the number is 5 or greater round the underlined digit up 1
*If the number is 4 or smaller leave the underlined digit the same
*Remember all digits to the right of the underlined digit will be removed after you have rounded

1.) 4.63
2.) 17.21
3.) 0.33
4.) 2.93
5.) 187.73
6.) 0.7

***REMEMBER*** In order to round the the hundredths place you must have at least 3 decimal places. Below is a picture of one of my students papers.

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